South Western Fish Producer Organisation Ltd

Working for a thriving and sustainable future for our fishermen and our fisheries

South Western Fish Producer Organisation Ltd

Working for a thriving and sustainable future for our fishermen and our fisheries

SWFPO is the professional membership body for commercial fishermen across the UK

SWFPO is the professional membership body for commercial fishermen across the South West of England and beyond.

We are the proud voice of our members, promoting their interests at all times to policy-makers, industry partners, scientists and compliance agencies.

Together, we work to ensure a highly productive catching sector, maximising the economic viability of our member fleet whilst at the same time safeguarding fishermen’s welfare.

We promote sustainable fishing activities to protect stocks and secure members’ ongoing profitability through access to markets. We also strive to reduce the environmental impact of fishing.

Across everything we do, our aim to secure a profitable, sustainable and thriving future for our fishermen, our fisheries and our oceans.


Safeguarding the welfare of our fishermen to sustain a healthy and profitable profession

  • Recruitment
  • Safety
  • Human Rights
  • Economic Viability


Helping our fishermen bring exceptional and sustainable seafood from sea to plate

  • Sustainability
  • Securing Markets
  • Economic Returns


Promoting sustainable and profitable fishing practices to protect and preserve ocean health

  • Reducing Environmental Impacts
  • Tackling Climate Change Impacts
  • Marine Protected Areas
  • Eliminating IUU practices

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SWFPO attendance at the 23rd International Pectinid Workshop, April 2024
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Featured Members

Macduff Shellfish Ltd

Macduff Shellfish Ltd is the largest shellfish processor in Europe, focusing on four main species: brown crab, whelk, langoustine and King scallops. It owns a large processing facility in Aberdeenshire and a smaller operation in Stornoway in the Western Isles. This vertically integrated business, owns and operates a fleet of 7 large scallop vessels. Macduff Shellfish has been a member of the SWFPO for 6 years. Over that time their fleet fish entirely in the offshore areas of the English Channel and North Sea. Macduff currently holds two seats on the SWFPO committee and are represented by Andrew Brown, the Director of Sustainability and Public Affairs at Macduff, and Claire Pescod, the Head of Science and Sustainability. Both bring expertise and insights from Government, markets, research and Marine Stewardship Council.

West Coast Sea Products

West Coast Sea Products was founded in 1968 by lobster fisherman Mr John King Snr. Equipped with his knowledge of fishing King and Queen scallops in the Irish Sea, the company grew remarkably under his direction and continues to expand under the direction of his son and grandchildren. This family run business is now involved in catching and processing King and Queen scallops from around the British Isles, employing over 30 fishermen across their fleet of fishing vessels, and 100 factory staff. 4 vessels targeting King and Queen scallops are currently in membership of the SWFPO.

Coombe Fisheries Ltd

Coombe Fisheries Ltd is a vertically integrated business based in the South West of England, established in 1980. They handle and process cuttlefish, King scallops, whelks and sprats bought daily from local markets, destined for markets throughout Europe and the Far East. The company currently employs around 140 staff at its factory in Barnstaple and own and operate 2 vessels in membership of the SWFPO and are in partnership with another 3 vessels – collectively employing around 20 fishermen.

“Fisheries Producer Organisations have a key role to play in the management of our fisheries in the future, from contributing to quota management to supporting their members in creating added value in their catches. We will work with Producer Organisations to consider how we can build upon their strengths and identify potential new roles in fisheries management.”

DEFRA (white paper 2018)


We collaborate with a wide range of industry partners to champion the interests of our members, maintain compliance standards and lead policy, research and advocacy.

We act as a conduit between industry and governments, scientists and compliance agencies. Exerting our influence at local, national and international level.