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Working for a thriving and sustainable future for our fishermen and our fisheries

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  • Cherish our heritage – honour our fishing industry that has sustained the nation for generations ​
  • Value sustainability – recognise the UK fishing industry as a low carbon, healthy sustainable food source; when developing holistic marine spatial plans, prioritise its importance​
  • Invest in innovation – pledge to support greater investment in research & innovation initiatives related to fisheries management, sustainable practices, recruitment, and technological advancements​
  • Empower the next generation – collaborate with industry associations to ensure seafood businesses have the skills they need to support economic growth, by creating pathways for the next generation of seafood professionals​
  • Evidence-based decisions – advocate for well informed decision making based on evidence, ensuring effective policies & practices​
  • Brexit opportunities  recognise Brexit as an opportunity to tailor policies unique to our circumstances, benefiting the UK fishing industry and prioritising our coastal communities; allow UK seafood business easier access to essential non-UK workers​
  • Collaboration for success – commit to working collaboratively with industry to navigate the complexities of post-Brexit trade barriers and fisheries management, ensuring a prosperous future ​

Pledge your support for the UK fishing industry here, and commit to actively contributing to its thriving success ​

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